Structure & Cost

How is the City Fiber Organized?


Quincy considers the deployment of fiber throughout the city to be critical infrastructure, just like our city roads.  As such the city's fiber infrastructure will be implemented as a public works project, organized and managed as a public utility.

What Will City Fiber Cost?


The following is a breakdown of anticipated costs related to the Quincy Fiber Network:


Monthly Infrastructure Expense              $20.00

Monthly Maintenance & Operations        $18.00

Monthly Access to ISP Services                $9.99


Total Monthly                                            $47.99

For less than $50 per month residents will get a 1000 x 1000 Mbps symmetrical, non-shared connection to the network.

Do I Have to Take Fiber?

No, residents and businesses will not be forced to participate. Quincy is using an “Opt-Out” Model. That means participants will be given the option to voluntarily choose to participate.  Residents and businesses who choose not to participate will not be taxed or charged anything.

More Details About the Program
  • The Fiber Network is sustainable because monthly Fiber Utility expenses are covered by subscribers.

  • Monthly maintenance & operations (M&O) expenses can be suspended by subscribers.

  • Services can be suspended by subscribers.

  • Infrastructure expenses cannot be suspended until the property owner LID debt is retired.

  • Municipality supports and maintains infrastructure.

  • Municipality supports cloud environment for services.

  • Equipment replacement is built into maintenance & operations M&O expense.

  • Late-comers pay full amount up front.

  • Actual assessment amount depends on take-rate.